Vararam Ram Air Intake - 2008-2009 Pontiac G8 & GXP & 2014-2015 Chevy SS Sedan - VR-G8

Vararam Ram Air Intake - 2008-2009 Pontiac G8 & GXP & 2014-2015 Chevy SS Sedan - VR-G8

Vararam vr-g8

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At a glance:

• Produces a real-world 35hp+
• A direct bolt on
• No chopping or cutting on the car
• Unreal throttle response
• Flows 1400-2000CFM+! (Depending on the filter used)
• Reduces 0-60mph by a full ½ second! (As tested 5.2 stock vs 4.7 & 4.65 best with
   VR system NO TUNING!) With a tune, we saw 4.4 sec but no grip to go faster.
• Reduces ¼ mile ET by 3 tenths and adds +3mph Minimum Guaranteed, or we will
   take the unit back and pay shipping both ways!
• (NO TUNING) w/ tuning you will go even quicker.

Checkout the flow bench test data VS the competition here on our site!

(Technical information and why it looks the way it does)

The G8 unit was a true exercise in packaging.

We had to package as much flow potential as possible in 5 inches of length! This includes a removable front scoop, for the interchangeability of different scoop designs for street and racing combinations. (sold separately) Advanced staircase lower floor- this creates negative pressure to turn the air while minimizing turbulence, exceeding the flow of a smooth transition. (If you look closely inside the kit, you can see the mill marks where the unit was milled by hand in order to achieve the precise angles required). Large overlapping flanges are used – this allows the use of thicker, higher flow filters for future power or racing use while maintaining a proper seal for pressurization.

The filter - An exclusive unit again for VR, made to VR specs for pleat depth and spacing to maximize flow for every square inch of material. The standard 3/4-inch unit (As was tested and flowed VS competition) 1400CFM @28 inch of water 1 inch SD street filter 1600CFM @28 inches of water, competition units 1850-2000CFM+. During ram effect we exceed the ratings listed above by 15%. The main air box features a two-step air horn for low and high-speed aero packages for increased throttle response and low RPM windup for quicker stoplight-to-stoplight acceleration. Enlarged neck ID capable of accepting stock-100mm+ air meters for heavily modified cars. Military specification materials are used throughout from the custom extruded flat black plastic capable of 275 deg F to the quick release low-pressure latches. High lower arch allowing the use of larger, taller radiators if the need ever arises.

Take the time to look at just a small amount of this systems development. We had over 12 pages of data and reduced it to what you see.

This system was designed from day one as a true ram air system. The design is set around the new GM ZETA platform that will also become the new Camaro.




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