Tuning your car can be the most rewarding modification that you can do.  Without a proper calibration your car is not living up to its potential.  Even in stock form a car can see anywhere from 10 to 25 rear wheel horsepower from just a tune, as we cut the fat from the manufacturer's overly protective calibration.  You will notice better drivability, better gas mileage, and most notably - more power.

With our new Dynojet 224xLc Dynamometer, we can calibrate your car in a safe environment while using a wideband in BOTH banks (for applicable cars). This gives us a visual of both banks.  The dyno itself gives us the opportunity to accurately quantify the gains we make. But the tuning process doesn't stop there. Every car that is capable of driving on the street safely, also gets a full street tune. This includes the idle, part throttle drivability, and full throttle. The fact we street tune increases the safety, reliability, and performance of your car. While dynoing, you are welcome to watch, tape, and even learn steps of the process. You are also welcome to rent our dyno if you are interested in doing your own tuning in our facilities.

GM V8 Tuning
Stock or Bolt On Cars - $650 
Cammed Cars - $775
Boosted Tuning or SD Only Tuning - $900
Retuning while in same category (bolt-ons, cam, forced induction, etc) - Half Price

Nitrous Tuning - Add $150
Flex Fuel - Add $250
Transmission Tuning (where applicable) - Add $250
2016 GM Cars - Add $100
2017+ GM Cars - Add $200
2017+ TCM Tuning - CALL 610-628-1563 FOR PRICING

PLEASE NOTE: Good news and bad news. The bad news is that GM has upped their security measures which creates extra steps. 2017+ Automatic Transmission Tunes are now separate from our packaged Engine and Trans Tuning and will require the TCM to be sent out.

Have certain questions about tuning and what you can do to prepare your car?  Check out our F.A.Q.

Rent Our 2WD Dyno Without Tuning 
Dyno Time - $250 per hour
3 Pulls with AFR - $200