Vararam C7 True Cold Air Intake - 2014+ Corvette Stingray (6.2L LT1 V8) - TCR7

Vararam C7 True Cold Air Intake - 2014+ Corvette Stingray (6.2L LT1 V8) - TCR7

Vararam tcr7

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TCR-7 Features:

    • Precision Injection and Rotational Molded construction
    • Pulls additional airflow from a High Pressure zone dropping heat soak temps in seconds, NOT miles like our competition. Gains of 1.2 – 4 % more power from Cold Air alone! No need to spend money
    • No tuning required. You can custom tune for more power.
    • Straight from the COPO Race program, Our Patented Reverse Venturi Intake Tube with throttle body Bell-Mouth for added flow. The result , flow is increased beyond having no intake at all !
    • Quick and Easy Installation. No cutting or drilling on your car.
    • Proper Heat Shielding that reduces heat soak and delays heat penetration. (See Video Below)

Proper Mold Quality: ISO 9001 compliant manufacturing. Smooth internally, near even plastic flow, maintains mold thickness which are requirements for strength and minimizing heat penetration.

VR Reverse Venturi Intake Tube: The VR Reverse Venturi tube is the product of hours of CFD, Flow-bench and Racing development. With expanding walls that can reach a massive 5.0 inches in ID combined with a gentle sweep angle and decreasing raidius air horn to increase flow into the engine beyond vacuum alone. This combination flows far more volume while maintaining the velocity of a smaller tube. This competitor uses a standard ID bore that is “SMALLER” than factory and an “off the shelf ” 90 deg bend. Even GM didn’t do that!

Secondary Intercooling Air Inlet: Draws from a high pressure zone providing up to 300cfm of cool-air, dropping the temperature 18-30 deg. cooler then others.

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