TCI 242940 - StreetFighter Converter for '91-'06 4L80E

TCI 242940 - StreetFighter Converter for '91-'06 4L80E

TCI 242940

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TCI - 242940

Torque Converter - StreetFighter - 10 in Diameter - 3000 RPM Stall - Lock Up - 4L80E - Each

This StreetFighter Converter is designeded specifically for '91-'06 4L80E. Provides 3000 to 3400 Stall behind Small Blocks and 3400 to 3600 Stall behind Big Blocks. Features Billet/Forged Front.

Designed with the street/strip racer in mind, this torque converter benefits more radically prepared street machines (those with performance cams, aftermarket carburetors and higher compression ratios) to bring the launch RPM in line with the performance enhancements. The StreetFighter allows you to take advantage of horsepower gains found in higher RPM ranges and provides up to 1500 RPM increase in stall over stock.

Torque Converter Series: StreetFighter
Advertised Cam Duration: 280 to 300 Degrees
Rear Gear Ratio: 3.55 to 4.56
Engine Characteristics: Rough Idle, Large Fuel System, Raised Compression Ratio
Expected Stall Speed with Small Block: 3000 to 3400 RPM
Expected Stall Speed with Big Block: 3400 to 3600 RPM
Lock Up Type: Yes