Mishimoto MMFT-ADA-0618 - Aluminum -6AN to 1/8 NPT Fitting - Black

Mishimoto MMFT-ADA-0618 - Aluminum -6AN to 1/8 NPT Fitting - Black

Mishimoto MMFT-ADA-0618

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Mishimoto - MMFT-ADA-0618

Mishimoto -6AN Aluminum Adapter, -6AN Male to 1/8-in NPT Male

Mishimoto -6AN Aluminum Adapter

You’ve poured everything you have into your build. It is pure personal expression. Fully refreshed and upgraded suspension. Wheels and tires suited for your objectives. Track pads that squeal at every stop. Larger turbo for more power. But in the thrill of completion, you’ve muddled up the engine bay with a rat’s nest of rubber lines. The smell of burnt rubber emanates as a rubber line sizzles next to the exhaust manifold. Oil stains reveal that your rubber PCV hose has been rubbing on an intake bracket, causing a rupture. You gaze over to the reused stock 20-year-old rubber fuel lines. Hairline cracks in the exterior rubber layer threaten to put a fiery end to this incredible machine. It’s time to upgrade your engine bay with Mishimoto -AN braided lines and fittings. Mishimoto has released an extensive lineup of -AN line fittings , unions , reducers , and adapters to help complete your project.Mishimoto -AN line fittings feature furnace brazed tubing and ends made from precision CNC-machined durable 6061 aluminum. Each fitting features a corrosion-resistant anodized finish, providing a very sleek yet subtle appearance. Mishimoto -AN line ends feature a full 360-degree swivel, making routing and final install a breeze. Mishimoto -AN aluminum adapters and reducers make transitioning to other line sizes and types painless. Our braided line fittings are engineered to withstand substantial abuse, including extreme temperatures and high pressure. Whether you’re building an oil cooler setup or putting together a turbocharger oil drain, trust Mishimoto -AN line fittings to get the job done right. As with all our products, Mishimoto -AN fittings include our signature Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty.

TechSpec Inner Material: N/A
TechSpec Compatible Fluids: N/A
TechSpec Max Fluid Pressure (PSI): N/A
TechSpec MaxFluidTemperature (F): N/A
TechSpec Inlet: -6AN
TechSpec Outlet: 1/8-in NPT, 1/4-in NPT, 3/8-in NPT, 1/2-in NPT
TechSpec Fitting Angle: Straight
TechSpec Note: N/A
TechSpec PurchaseIncludes: Mishimoto Aluminum -6AN Adapter--Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty
SellingPoint01: CNC-machined 6061 aluminum -6AN adapter
SellingPoint02: Precision machining provides a leak-free connection between lines or components
SellingPoint03: Adapts -6AN fitting to NPT threads
SellingPoint04: Applicable for use with most automotive fluid and air systems
SellingPoint05: Corrosion-resistant anodized coating provides a sleek, durable finish
SellingPoint06: Engineered to withstand high temperatures and substantial fluid pressures
SellingPoint07: Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty
SellingPoint08: N/A
SellingPoint09: N/A
SellingPoint10: N/A
SellingPoint11: N/A
SellingPoint12: N/A
SellingPoint13: N/A
SellingPoint14: N/A
SellingPoint15: N/A

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