Holley EFI 300-606BK - EFI Lo-Ram Throttle Body Adapter

Holley EFI 300-606BK - EFI Lo-Ram Throttle Body Adapter

Holley EFI 300-606BK

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Holley EFI - 300-606BK

EFI Lo-Ram Throttle Body Adapter; 105 mm; For Front Feed Low-Ram PN[300-621BK]; Black;

The 300-606BK is the 105mm throttle body adapter in the 300-621 complete kit. Offering this separately allows you to select your components individually as you build your system. The Lo-Ram intake manifolds are designed for forced induction (supercharged or turbocharged) engine applications and the 105 mm throttle body part number 112-581 or similar models. The base intake manifold is designed with a lower overall height to fit under a stock or mildly modified hood in the front-feed configuration. The 300-621BK Lo-Ram front-feed plenum entry was configured to provide a very low profile modular intake manifold suitable for turbocharged or centrifugally supercharged engines. The fuel rail kits come with two sets of brackets. A set for long (usually standard length) fuel injectors and a set for short (such as Pico, or LS7) fuel injectors.

  • Allowing The Use Of The Included Front-Feed Plenum Entry
  • Designed For Forced Induction Engine Applications
  • Facilitates Custom Inlet Duct And Throttle Body Placement
  • Low Height To Fit Under A Stock Or Mildly Modified Hood
  • Front Entry Plenum Flange
  • Throttle Body Adapters Or Inlet Ducts For Custom Installations

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