Andrew's 2017+ ZL1 Package

Andrew's 2017+ ZL1 Package


I'm Andrew, the Owner of Complete Street Performance, and I wanted to share with you my modding progression on my 2018 Camaro ZL1 and the results which so far have put me at over 800 rwhp SAE for a gain of over 220 rear wheel horsepower over stock while on the factory blower and JUST 93 Octane - No Meth Injection - No Ethanol Mix - No Race Gas!  I wanted a good way to share the recipe for success with you.  So when I was thinking about the best way to share it on our website, I thought wouldn't it be AMAZING to make a configurable product page and explain how each part works with the rest?  That's EXACTLY what I did. This way, you can play with the parts to meet your goals and budget conveniently while using my experience (and not with just my ZL1).  Why be bound by a conventional package that you already have some of the parts?  Make your own, at least from what I'm using on my own ZL1!

And if you are interested in what other parts are available for your car, simply click the link to see!

If you enjoy watching this kind of progression, I'm happy to tell you that everything is well documented on our YouTube Channel!  You can view the ZL1 Progression from the start by checking out this playlist:

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