Zex 82048B - Injection System Kit

Zex 82048B - Injection System Kit

Zex 82048B

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Zex - 82048B

Dominator Perimeter Plate Nitrous System with Black Bottle

Our revolutionary Perimeter Injection Technology provides optimum nitrous and fuel atomization for maximum horsepower. The ZEX Perimeter PlateNitrous System is a complete kit that provides the optimum spray efficiency with nitrous and fuel

ZEX Blackout Nitrous Systems are the newest addition tothe ZEX family. With unprecedented looks, performanceand power potential, and like all ZEX nitrous systems, theBlackout kits incorporate the most technologicallyadvanced performance features available, including thepatented ZEX Active Fuel Control. This feature automaticallyadjusts the nitrous fuel enrichment so your enginenever runs too rich or too lean. Power settings vary for eachapplication specific system, and all kits ship complete withappropriate tuning jets, as well as fuel tap fittings, solenoids,filters and all necessary activation electronics.Systems feature all-new black powder-coated bottles, carbon-fiber looking hoses and fittings for a variety of carburetedand fuel injection applications that are perfect forstreet/strip and all out drag-racing applications.