Turbo Valves by Armageddon : 3" Round Universal Exhaust Cutouts (Pair) - TV3020K

Turbo Valves by Armageddon : 3" Round Universal Exhaust Cutouts (Pair) - TV3020K

Armageddon tv3020k

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When expanding the Armageddon brand we carefully sought markets where our high end turbocharger engineering could improve every day aftermarket products. One of the most universal products in the aftermarket is the exhaust cutout. As old as the Model T, it very well may be the original aftermarket exhaust modification. Sometimes people want a quiet exhaust for commuting or driving with the family. Other times you want a loud, better flowing exhaust for the race track or local cruise in. Original Hot Rodder’s quickly realized you could do this with a valve mounted on the exhaust before the muffler. This valve when closed sends exhaust gas through the muffler as normal. When open it releases exhaust gases before the muffler increasing performance and creating a raw, muscular sound. Exhaust cutouts have evolved over the years, from spring loaded valves opened by pulling a T-handle, up to current market standard, which is an electric motor wired to a switch that opens and closes the valve.

Quick research however will show that this style electric style cutout has a fatal flaw, which simply is the electric motor. Most manufacturers use what literally is a tennis ball machine motor to open and close their cutouts. The obvious issue is, these valves are designed for a gym, not being welded to a 700+ degree pipe and exposed to the elements under the car. There is a reason why the dominant company in this market only has a 90 day warranty and makes money selling replacement motors.

This is not acceptable to a company with the engineering expertise that Armageddon possesses. It became clear from the beginning of our product development that we had already engineered the solution for this problem with our renowned turbo waste gate technology. Our pneumatic turbo wastegate technology is expertly engineered and has proven to work repeatedly on turbocharger systems with up to 2000 degree temperatures. Frankly, it is over engineered for  simply operating a valve on an exhaust cutout; as it should be. With Turbo Valves, Armageddon is ready to introduce the next generation of exhaust cutout and send our competitors back to the tennis court where they belong!

TURBOVALVES by Armageddon Feature:

  • Turbocharger Wastegate Actuator: Withstands the severe environment around the exhaust for the ultimate in reliable operation
  • Rocker switch that mounts in car for on demand sound.
  • Fits on common 3-Bolt 3” Exhaust Dump Flanges; if you have a competitors old cutouts in most cases these are a bolt on upgrade.
  • 2 year warranty mechanical operation. Body is stainless steel and has a lifetime warranty against cracking.
  • Industry Exclusive: Jet Hot Ceramic Coating: Hardened 1300° F coating for long mechanism life in the harshest of conditions
  • Install and go on any vehicle with a vacuum assisted braking system. Eliminates wiring issues of competing cutouts
  • Requires Y-pipes or custom exhaust fabrication to install (as does any cutout)

TURBOVALVES are being offered with FREE SHIPPING (United States addresses only)

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