TCI 376021 - 82-87 700R4 Constant Pressure Valve Body

TCI 376021 - 82-87 700R4 Constant Pressure Valve Body

TCI 376021

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TCI - 376021

The Constant Pressure Valve Body for 82-87 700R4 ensures that the problems associated with incorrectly set TV cables are eliminated.

The valve body of a transmission is often called the control valve and has been modified and updated through the years. TCI selects and uses only the valve bodies that will provide the best performance and service. All TCI valve bodies are 100% quality checked for proper function and, where applicable, proper operating pressures on a dedicated valve body hydraulic test machine. Frequently street performance enthusiasts incorrectly install their transmission with the critical throttle valve (TV) cable either disconnected or improperly adjusted. The TV cable is a critical part used to set internal line pressure and part throttle shifting so that incorrect installation can result in total transmission melt down. TCI recognized the need for a product that eliminates the chance of transmission failure and produced the Constant Pressure Valve Body. While the TV cable still needs connection for proper transmission shifting speeds, the TCI Constant Pressure Valve Body provides more freedom when setting part throttle shift points. Line pressure is fixed with no chance of encountering a low line pressure condition, and the shift characteristics are greatly improved. Kits can be installed by anyone with basic mechanical experience.

Valve Body Series: Constant Pressure
Valve Body Shift Pattern: P-R-N-4-3-2-1