ST Suspensions 13220011 - ST Coilover Kit 92-98 BMW 318i/318is/323i/323is/325i/325is/328i/328is E36 Sedan/Coupe

ST Suspensions 13220011 - ST Coilover Kit 92-98 BMW 318i/318is/323i/323is/325i/325is/328i/328is E36 Sedan/Coupe

ST Suspensions 13220011

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ST Suspensions - 13220011

Height Adjustable Coilover Suspension System with preset damping

The ST X Coilover system is the ideal mix of sportiness and simplicity while still maintaining some comfort on the street. The wide range of ride height adjustability allows you to fine tune your tire and wheel fitments.

The ST X Coilover suspension was developed for the everyday driver who needs to hug the curves yet retain road comfort. Simple, uncomplicated road performance for those who just want to get in and drive. Add in our wide range of height adjustability; the ST X Coilover will look as perfect as it feels. ST XCoilover kits deliver precise adjustment to your ride height and look of your car. We manufacture an adjustable spring perch made of durable and friction-optimized polyamide composite material with a stainless steel insert. Thanks to the composite material corrosion is prevented between the strut and perch ensuring long lasting height adjustability. Galvanized zinc coated steel struts optimize corrosion protection for long lasting use. We add a dust protection system to prevent unwanted dirt and particulate from coming in contact with the hardened chrome piston rod or getting into the valve packs. We reinforce the system with a multi-layered pressure resistant sealing package, mono block guide system and a low friction piston band which works inside the pressure resistant internal damper housing. At ST suspensions we do not accept compromises. As a matter of principle we rely on world class engineering delivered from KW for all our dampers. Why? To simply improve your driving experience! All ST X Coilover kits are application specific for your car and perfectly adapted for everyday life.

  • 5 Year Limited Warranty - Unlimited Mileage
  • ST X coilovers are the ideal mix of sporty yet simple. The dampers and spring rate come tuned by our vehicle dynamics engineering in Germany to perfectly match each vehicle specific application.
  • ST coilovers are built by hand by the experts at KW in Fichtenberg, Germany. Each damper is tested on a shock dyno to verify it?s making the proper forces before being put into the ST box.
  • Composite spring perch made from wear-resistant, friction-optimized polyamide composite with an embedded stainless-steel insert. The polyamide composite prevents oxidation while the stainless-steel insert maximizes strength.
  • Seamless Ride Height Adjustment ? ST?s composite spring perch and unique trapezoidal thread pitch make ride height adjustability a breeze so you can dial in your preferred look.
  • Elastomer Bump stop with integrated dust protection system prevents water and dirt particles reaching the piston rod and seals. The highly resilient bump stops act as dynamic load limiters while maintaining ride quality and durability.
  • Galvanized steel housing for improved resistance to corrosion.
  • Made in Germany

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