Solo Performance Street Race-X3 Cat-Back Exhaust (Reuse Stock Tips) - 2008-2014 Dodge Challenger SRT-8 (6.1L/6.4L) - 991130

Solo Performance Street Race-X3 Cat-Back Exhaust (Reuse Stock Tips) - 2008-2014 Dodge Challenger SRT-8 (6.1L/6.4L) - 991130

Solo Performance 991130


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Exhaust Kit Details

This kit includes exhaust pipes, clamps and all necessary hardware.


2008-2014 Dodge Challenger SRT-8 Standard & Automatic


Raw American muscle on the outside and a refined, non-invasive performance exhaust note on the inside. The dramatic sound difference from outside to inside is accomplished by months of research and development plus specific product design for the 2008-2014 Challenger SRT-8. Half way through this process the Solo team started to say that SRT stood for Solo Research & Technology!

All of us at Solo Performance are very proud to bring to the Challenger community our free-flow MACH X-3 and MACH X-3(NT) (NT= No Tips…stock tips to be reused) exhaust kits). These kits are a 3″ mandrel bent stainless steel converter back exhaust. We have had a lot of fun designing for this very “challenging” car and would like to thank Ontario Chrysler, London Chrysler, Taylor Chrysler, Bruno and Kevin for the use of their cars and their invaluable feedback.

The Solo Mach X-3 exhaust kit works equally well on the automatic or standard SRT-8.

Exhaust Kit Specs

Right and Left tail pipe assembly using Solo Quad tips

3″ mandrel bent stainless steel pipe with a ball and flair front connection (where the tail pipe meets the front muffler assembly) to help with exhaust tip adjustments. Our tips are dual, staggered, beveled exhaust tips with a 3″ inlet and dual 3 1/2″ outlets that were specifically designed for the Challenger.

Right and Left tail pipe assembly to be used with stock exhaust tips
These tail pipes are exactly the same as the ones described above except they have a downsized rear ball (2 1/2″) which mates up to the flared stock exhaust tip. The stock “collar” must be used as well.

Much research and development has been done by Solo Performance to perfect our J-Pipes that are part of the SRT-8 tail pipe assemblies. These J-Pipes eliminate bad frequencies that occur at certain RPM ranges. We have developed and used this technology in several of our exhaust kits over the past two years. They work incredibly well, the adjustment on the J-Pipe is critical. We have found a “factory preset” position that should work on most SRT-8 Automatics. J-Pipes will come set at 3″ from the end of the J to the overlap ridge. Just as a trombone has different notes with slight movements of the “slider” so do our adjustable J-Pipes. Less than 1/2″ of adjustment can mean the difference between a kit that annoys you to a kit that’s perfect. At the time of this offering we have all 5 of our SRT-8 exhaust kits that are on cars without any bad RPM ranges. Some may need to adjust the length of the J if they have a “bog” or a bad RPM range. All you have to do to get rid of these is loosen the top band clamp on both sides and lengthen or shorten 1/2″. Once you find the preferred direction you adjust from there in 1/4″ increments, adjust both sides evenly.

This exhaust will provide a more aggressive sound over the Mach-X3