Solo Performance Mach XL Catback with J-pipes- 2010-2015 Chevy Camaro SS (6.2L V8) - 993925

Solo Performance Mach XL Catback with J-pipes- 2010-2015 Chevy Camaro SS (6.2L V8) - 993925

Solo Performance 993925

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Solo Performance is proud to announce our 5th Generation Camaro V8 Automatic stainless steel Mach XL with J-Pipes converter back exhaust kit. This is a 100% BOLT-ON kit. We have worked long and hard at perfecting this exhaust kit. It offers is a deep, rich, Raw American Muscle sound on the outside. This exhaust kit sounds like a well done 60′s muscle car on the outside while being very tame on the inside, the difference is staggering.

Solo Performance takes customer satisfaction very seriously. We have had many wonderful reviews over the last few years in regards to our first design Mach XL cat back exhaust system. We have also had the occasional complaint about highway drone. Mixed reviews are very concerning to us and the difference from one Camaro to the next is puzzling. We have been waiting to come across a V8 Auto that sounds bad with our exhaust kit on it and about a month ago we did. It’s incredible how the same Solo kit sounds great on one car and disappointing on another. Once the fine line between “good” and “bad” is crossed the “bad” definitely stands out.

We went to work on this car using some of our latest J-Pipe technology, which we use on several other cars including the V6 Camaro. Just as we had hoped, our current Mach XL exhaust kit with the addition of our properly tunes J-Pipes cancels out all of the unwanted frequencies. There is no hint of a highway or in town drone. The 8cyl to 4cyl transition is smooth and non-invasive mean while the 4cyl mode on its own is pleasant with a bit of gurgle. We were ecstatic to get the 4cyl mode by itself to sound as good as it does considering it’s going through free flow, dual, 2 ½” mandrel bent exhaust.

The 8cyl mode offers a deep, rich, Raw American Muscle tone that was meant for a car like this. Mean and fierce on the outside while tame on the inside is what Solo’s Mach XL with J-Pipes exhaust kit is all about.