Solo Performance Axleback Exhaust with Quad Polished Tips - 2016+ Chevy Camaro SS with NPP (6.2L V8)

Solo Performance Axleback Exhaust with Quad Polished Tips - 2016+ Chevy Camaro SS with NPP (6.2L V8)

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Solo Performance is proud to introduce its 2016+ Camaro SS axle-back, 3″ stainless steel exhaust kit. This exhaust kit gives you the flow you need being 3” mandrel bent stainless steel and an incredible 60’s muscle car exhaust note. Fit, form, and function are the cornerstones of the Solo Performance 6th generation Camaro SS 6G-XJ-NPP axle back exhaust kit. Our kit is designed as a two in one exhaust kit. It’s quiet at cruise speeds and gets increasingly louder as you hit the gas. The exhaust note can be very well controlled by how you drive the car thus we were able to eliminate the need for the rear active exhaust valves and this, of course, does not trigger an engine light. There’s a deep, raw, rich and mean exhaust, not on the outside and a non-invasive performance exhaust note on the inside. The dramatic sound difference from outside to inside is accomplished by months of research and development plus specific product design. The Solo X-Pipe and J-Pipes work incredibly well together to unleash what this Camaro has to offer. The tailpipe assembly comes with Solo’s tunable J-Pipes. These J-pipes are capped off on the end, and as the sound waves enter the J-pipe they bottom out on the end cap and bounce back. Upon the sound wave re-entering the exhaust flow, it collides with the specific Camaro drone frequency and cancels it out. Tomorrow’s technology on today’s Camaro. We’ve worked on this kit a long time and are very proud to bring it to the Camaro community.  

Kit Details

•3″ mandrel bent T409 stainless steel piping

•Solo stainless stamped true X-Pipe

•All clamps and hardware included

•Heavy-duty reinforced hangers

•Dual 4”  T304 polished stainless steel exhaust tips with an inner bevel (Your Choice of T304 Polished Stainless or Black Stainless)

•No drone


•Does not use OEM exhaust valves 

•Solo’s Rear tunable J-Pipes to eliminate drone

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