Solo Performance 2.5" Street Race Catback Exhaust- 2005-2010 Dodge Charger, Magnum & Chrysler 300 (5.7L V8) - 991179

Solo Performance 2.5" Street Race Catback Exhaust- 2005-2010 Dodge Charger, Magnum & Chrysler 300 (5.7L V8) - 991179

Solo Performance 991179


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The Street Race edition is the loudest exhaust for the Charger/M300/Magnum as it has no muffler. The incredible sound quality comes from the Solo X-Pipe and J-Pipes. This exhaust kit has raw American muscle on the outside and a much quieter performance exhaust note on the inside. The dramatic sound difference from outside to inside is accomplished by months of research and development plus specific product design for the 2005-2010 Charger 5.7 Hemi Charger / M300 / Magnum.

Fit, form, and function are the cornerstones of our Solo Performance Street Race exhaust kit. All of us at Solo Performance are very proud to bring to the LX community our free-flow, all stainless steel exhaust kit. This aesthetically beautiful cat-back exhaust kit is capped off with T-304 aircraft quality stainless steel, 4 ½” round, beveled, and angle-cut exhaust tips.

We spent months on this very difficult car “getting it right.” The natural engine harmonics of this particular LX model were very difficult to “tame.” The key to a well-designed exhaust system, in our opinion, is one that has that rich, full, deep, wonderful tone on the outside and a non-invasive note on the inside. Of course, the 4 cylinder mode makes this even tougher. We are very excited to say that we have accomplished our goal and look forward to bringing the Street-Race kit to the LX forum and community.

Solo J-Pipes are used to cancel out unwanted sound frequencies inside the cabin. The magic of the J-Pipes is that they leave all the Raw, Mean muscle car sound on the outside while giving a refined performance exhaust note inside the cabin. The Solo J’s act like a very specific “muffler” that tunes out certain frequencies. They are made “adjustable” so that each owner can “tweak” them as necessary. This kit is for the enthusiast that like a louder exhaust note. Your car, your choice. Enjoy Going Solo!

Exhaust Kit Specifications

* T304 Stainless Steel Exhaust tips.

* T409 mandrel bent exhaust pipe.

* 2 ½” diameter pipe.

* T304 exhaust tips. 4 ½” round with an inner bevel and angle cut.

* The front H-section smooth’s out the 4 cyl to 8 cyl octave change.

* The midsection uses our Stamped-X Pipe.

* This is a free flow exhaust.

* Solo J-Pipes are used to cancel out unwanted frequencies in the cabin.

* No trouble RPM ranges.

* 100% bolt on kit. No welding or “special” tools required for installation.

* The tail-pipes bolt to the mid muffler section with a ball and flair joint to help align the exhaust tips.