Solo Mach XC Catback Exhaust- 2011-2015 Chevy Camaro SS (6.2L L99 & LS3 V8) - 993969

Solo Mach XC Catback Exhaust- 2011-2015 Chevy Camaro SS (6.2L L99 & LS3 V8) - 993969

Solo Performance 993969


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All of us at Solo Performance are proud to announce our MACH-XC free flow stainless steel Cat-Back exhaust kit for the 2011 and up V8 Camaro Convertibles. This exhaust kit has been meticulously designed to manoeuvre around the extra braces that the Camaro Convertible has on its undercarriage. This is a completely bolt-on kit and there are no special tools or welding required for the install, all necessary hardware is included. What the Mach-XC kit offers is a raw, deep, mean American muscle sound outside, while being non-invasive inside.

Even though this car is a convertible, the special Solo designed Mach-X muffler combined with our J-Pipe technology (eliminates unwanted frequencies inside the cabin) creates a staggering difference in the exhaust note from the interior to the exterior. The magic of the Solo Performance Mach-XC exhaust kit will allow you to have a normal conversation inside your car while turning heads on the outside.

We call the Mach-XC a “sound on demand” exhaust kit. It stays calm until you hit the gas. Depending on how you accelerate, you can play your car like a finely tuned instrument. Once you’re up to cruising speed, your convertible will be “almost” stock quiet until you pull out to pass someone. This kit is designed for both the V8 Auto and Standard.

The inherent trouble areas, 6th speed cruising with the Convertible Standard, and the 1900-ish RPM range with the auto have all been addressed and have no major issues. The transition between 8cyl and 4cyl on the auto’s is smooth and non-invasive while the 4cyl mode is a bit gurgley and very acceptable considering you have free flow 2 ½” mandrel bent exhaust going through 4 cyl’s.

Recommendation: Mach-XC Cat Back exhaust kit versus Axle-Back exhaust kit for the 2011 V8 Camaro Convertible

If you’re looking for a wonderful exhaust note and you’re not interested in future mods (high flow converters, headers, intake etc.) The Axle-Back exhaust kit is great choice for you. If you already have or are thinking of doing future mods to your V8 Camaro convertible, the Cat-Back exhaust makes more sense because it will allow the exhaust to take advantage of the mods by eliminating the stock restrictive mid-section.

The full Cat-Back exhaust kit has a more refined and full exhaust note that is not as “angry” as the Axle-Back exhaust kit. In regards to the exhaust note (it doesn’t quite translate this on the video,) the Axle-Back would be for the “enthusiast” while the beautiful rich refined performance tone of the cat back would be for the person that wants a wonderful exhaust note that is less aggressive. Of course adding high flow cats or headers would make either option that much louder.

Exhaust Kit Specifications

* T409 Mandrel Bent 2.5″ Free Flow Piping
* 4.5″ T304 Polished Stainless Steel Round, Beveled Tips
* T304 Stainless Steel (inside and out) Mach X Muffler
* Tuned J Pipes to eliminate drone!!