Solo Axleback with J-Pipes - 2010-2015 Camaro SS - 993905

Solo Axleback with J-Pipes - 2010-2015 Camaro SS - 993905

Solo Performance 993905

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Exhaust Kit Details

This kit includes 4 1/2″ tips, exhaust pipes, J-pipes, clamps and all necessary hardware.


2010 – Present Camaro V8 Standard and Automatic


The Solo team worked hard and are happy to say that we have achieved an exhaust kit that works great on both the V8 standard and the automatic. This exhaust kit offers a deep, rich, raw American muscle sound on the outside while being non-invasive on the inside. Fierce on the outside, tame on the inside as we say.

With this exhaust kit, we have conquered the inherent trouble areas of the V8 Camaro. Sixth gear cruising is no problem with the 6-speed and it’s just as smooth on the highway as it is in town with the automatic. The octave bump between 8cyl and 4cyl on the automatic is comfortable as well. Our J-Pipes take care of all these trouble areas on both cars.

On top of all this, the “Decel Burble” created by this axle back exhaust kit on both the V8 standard and automatic produces the raw, mean, basey, burble of the exhaust on deceleration that is sure to make you smile.

Recommendation: Axle-Back vs Cat-Back

If you’re looking for a wonderful exhaust note and you’re not interested in future modifications (high flow converters, headers, intake etc.) the Axle-Back exhaust kit is definitely a great choice for you. For future modifications to your V8 Camaro, the Cat-Back exhaust is the choice as it allows the exhaust to take advantage of the modifications by eliminating the stock restrictive mid-section. Our Mach XL with J-Pipes (Cat back for L99 Camaro Auto) or our Mach X (Cat back for LS3 Camaro Standard) exhaust kits have a slightly deeper, richer tone than the V8 Axle Back with J-Pipes; however the axle back has more decal burble.