Mishimoto MMFF-HF-S010 - High-Flow-10AN Fuel Filter, 10-Micron Stainless-Steel Insert

Mishimoto MMFF-HF-S010 - High-Flow-10AN Fuel Filter, 10-Micron Stainless-Steel Insert

Mishimoto MMFF-HF-S010

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Mishimoto - MMFF-HF-S010

Mishimoto High-Flow-10AN Fuel Filter, 10-Micron Stainless-Steel Insert

High-Flow -10AN Performance Fuel Filter

When horsepower exceeds the 4-digit mark, one oversight can cause catastrophic failure. Each vehicle system needs to be running at peak performance, but no other system can cause thousands of dollars of damage faster than fuel. An undersized or clogged fuel injector, pump, or filter can cause too little fuel flow to the engine, resulting in not only a loss of power, but also excessive heat. Even short periods of high cylinder temps can lead to detonation, melted pistons, or a seized engine and thousands of dollars in repairs. The best way to prevent fueling issues is to install the best quality components from tank to injector, and this Mishimoto high-flow fuel filter fits the bill. This high-flow performance fuel filter utilizes an extruded-aluminum body with -10 ORB inlets and outlets to provide up to 475 GPH (1,800 LPH) and support for up to 1,500 horsepower. This fuel filter features an easy to replace welded stainless-steel filter for use with gasoline, diesel, or alcohol-based fuels. This filter is rated to filter out particles down to 10-microns for use between the pump and fuel rail. Our filter inserts feature high-quality Viton O-rings and are rated to withstand up to 116 PSI for reliable performance on even the most demanding vehicles. Over 150 sq. in. of filter surface area protects valuable fuel pumps and injectors while allowing minimal pressure drop. Like all Mishimoto products, this high-performance fuel filter is backed by our Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty for a lifetime of performance.

TechSpec Inner Material: N/A
TechSpec Compatible Fluids: Gasoline, Diesel, Methanol, Ethanol
TechSpec Max Fluid Pressure (PSI): 116
TechSpec MaxFluidTemperature (F): N/A
TechSpec Inlet: -10 ORB
TechSpec Outlet: -10 ORB
TechSpec Fitting Angle: N/A
TechSpec Note: The--Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty does not cover replacement filters due to clogging or normal wear
TechSpec PurchaseIncludes: (1) High-Flow Fuel Filter Body--(1) 10-Micron Stainless-Steel Filter Element--Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty
SellingPoint01: Protects fuel injectors from damage and clogging that can lead to catastrophic engine failure
SellingPoint02: Reusable 10-micron stainless-steel filter for superior protection of vital fuel system components
SellingPoint03: Flows up to 475 GPH (1,800 LPH) to support up to 1,500 horsepower
SellingPoint04: Welded stainless-steel filter is safe for ethanol and methanol
SellingPoint05: 150 sq. inches of filter surface area prevents flow restriction as filter captures debris
SellingPoint06: -10 ORB inlets ensure adequate fuel flow and low pressure drop in all situations
SellingPoint07: Extruded and anodized aluminum body is lightweight and durable to withstand the rigors of racing
SellingPoint08: Rated to withstand up to 116 PSI working fuel pressure
SellingPoint09: High-quality Viton O-rings prevent leaking under high pressures
SellingPoint10: Requires Mishimoto High-Performance Fuel Filter Brackets
SellingPoint11: Recommended for use between fuel pump and fuel rail
SellingPoint12: Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty
SellingPoint13: N/A
SellingPoint14: N/A
SellingPoint15: N/A

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