Mighty Mouse Wild Catch Can - 2014+ Chevy Corvette (C7 Z06) - MM-C7Z06-W

Mighty Mouse Wild Catch Can - 2014+ Chevy Corvette (C7 Z06) - MM-C7Z06-W

Mightymouse Solutions mm-c7z06-w

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This kit replaces the factory pcv valve stopping airflow (and oil) into the floor of the supercharger on Gen V LT4 DI engines (2015+ Z06 and Cts-V)
LT4 PCV 'ported' fitting re-routes the crankcase flow to the outside of the engine, so that it can be used for external ventilation.
PCV can set up with 10AN inlet from driver valve cover using included adapter for 1000hp capacity

-includes push lock hose and AN fittings for install
-if you want to change the mounting kit, fittings, HP rating or valve cover type, please go to the 'Build-A-Kit' section following this parts list as a guide.

-this kit should be used with extreme caution on road racing applications, overflowing of the breather onto headers can cause a dangerous fire, upgrade to 'Recirculator' top strongly recommended

Install directions here:

Standard https://docs.google.com/document/d/10msiKB5qW0TQ9_PFZznCZWECDzc83SeNMZvOLyQ5_eQ

Cordes https://docs.google.com/document/d/19497rcxsQd1Lbb3whSwHRgWhr6AjvoI49KtNQKYter

Radiator Mount https://docs.google.com/document/d/1tG89cl9TkvuGeZ2klclFiZf1IJVGc_JJYE8QUEtxaKg

-Made in the USA!
-A MightymouseSolutions Exclusive!

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