Mantic 9000 Series Twin Disc Clutch - Cerametallic - 2014+ Chevy Corvette C7 & Z06 - M921207

Mantic 9000 Series Twin Disc Clutch - Cerametallic - 2014+ Chevy Corvette C7 & Z06 - M921207

Mantic Clutch m921207

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The C7 Corvette is excellent from the factory, but once you add more power, you will need a clutch to handle the added torque. The Mantic Twin Disc is the premium solution with all Billet construction and ceremetallic friction material. The increased capacity transfers more power to the wheels. The heavy duty friction material allows better heat dissipation for repeated launches on the street or strip. Pedal effort remains relatively low, approximately 12-15% increase over the OE clutch pedal feel.

This Mantic C7 Corvette clutch kit uses our unique sprung center with cushioned ceremetallic twin discs. The Mantic C7 twin uses dual 9" diameter discs that greatly reduces the Moment of Inertia (MOI) for a seamless transition of power between gears. More power to the ground as well as quicker more precise shifts is the huge benefit over the stock clutch. The lightweight flywheel allows quicker revs compared to the heavier OE units.

The clutch is modular in construction for ease of service and is completely rebuildable. The red cover and components are machined from billet stock adding strength and durability. 100% Billet construction will not flex under heavy usage like other stamped steel units.

These kits offer up to 1010 ft-lbs of torque capacity at the Crank, roughly 820-850 ft-lbs at the wheels.  NOTE: Capacity will vary with use and type of power adder being utilized ( NA vs Supercharger vs Nitrous vs Turbo )


2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 
Chevrolet Corvette C7
6.2L V8, Stingray, Z06

Mantic Part Number: M921207

Complete Kit Includes :

Lightened Steel Flywheel ( 16 lbs )

Twin Disc Clutch - Ceremetallic Material

New OE Hydraulic Release Bearing

New Clutch & Flywheel Bolts

All Necessary Hardware

Cool James Bond Style Carrying Case