Forced Inductions Interchiller - Model Specific 2014+ C7 Corvette Z06 Kit - FI-INTERCHILLER-C7-CORVETTE-Z06

Forced Inductions Interchiller - Model Specific 2014+ C7 Corvette Z06 Kit - FI-INTERCHILLER-C7-CORVETTE-Z06

Forced Induction InterChillers fi-interchiller-c7-corvette-z06

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Turning any temperature into freezing cold winter!

2014+ C7 Corvette Z06 Specific Kit. Only works on cars with water to air superchargers. Stage 2 Package upgrade is the ultimate cooling upgrade and will include all parts needed to take your vehicle to subzero coolant temps. The Stage 1 kit is a great upgrade alone, eliminating heat soak unlike anything on the market. The Stage 2 kit however gets your coolant to the lowest temperature chemically possible in any condition.

For example if stock, the air going from the supercharger is 100 degrees, the Stage 1 will lower that temperature to 30 degrees, and Stage 2 will lower that further to -14 degrees.

  • Race Track Safe
  • Improves fuel consumption
  • No condensation leaks
  • Gain back ignition timing
  • Below ambient intake air temps
  • Stealthy Installation
  • No performance loss of cabin AC
  • Patent Pending Design
  • Dyno and race track proven HP gains
  • Entire System Warranty
  • Protects engine from pre ignition
  • Great Customer Support
  • Tech Support provided by FIinterchillers
  • The Interchiller system includes every nut and bolt you will require we even include highly detailed step by step photo and Video instructions.

What is a Forced Induction Interchiller?

In simple terms we are T-piecing into the cars AC system and splitting the refrigerant 50/50 between your cabin and chiller. We also install a solenoid on to the line going to the cabin so you have 2 modes of operation:

  1. Cabin and chiller
  2. Chiller only (Race mode)

Race mode is race track safe as no condensation will leak from the cars cabin evaporator.
Our interchiller core is a patent pending design, one of the many reasons we are able to get so cold and also have ZERO impact on cabin AC performance.

Our interchiller can be fitted to any car or truck as long as the car has a water to air intercooler system (supercharger or turbo charger) and an AC system. It also has no limitation to HP, it can deal with it, so far the biggest build we have been involved with has made 2400HP.

We are able to hot lap the cars at the track back to back with the same consistency every run, by the time you collect your time slip you are back to your minimum intake air temp and ready to go again.

Universal kits

With our universal kits we are able to install the interchiller on any make and model car as long as the car has AC and water to air intercooling.


Hoses & Fittings-

We refuse to use cheap and nasty AC fittings, they have built is issues along with long and short term problems. The hoses and fittings that we use are tested to SAE J2064 standards, and they actually exceed those standards. The burst pressure on them is 2500psi, this is impossible for your AC system to achieve, thus it will never burst.
As shown in the picture below, with regular crimp style hoses they are often plagued with the issue of trapping air and PAG oil in the crimp, which over time turns acidic

With the clamp system we use this never happens and you actually have a much stronger bite of the hose into the bite sections of the fittings, for a system that will last many years to come.

The fittings we use have a tensile strength on the weakest part (the radius) of 1600kg/3527lbs

The manufacturer we buy the hoses and fittings from warranties them as long as we use their hoses, clamps and fittings. As such we warranty the entire system, this shows how confident they are in their product that it will not fail and should it fail which is highly unlikely it will be replaced.
During SAE J2064 testing of the hose/fittings when it fails the part that fails is the actual hose bursting open at 2500psi ! The fittings and clamps remain intact still holding the hose to the fitting…only the hose is bursting open. This shows how strong the clamping system is and the bite force being applied to the hose/fitting. This is much stronger than regular crimping which is why the manufacturer is able to warranty their product.
Its a case of buying the best possible AC hose/fittings that is the most versatile, flexible to out needs and of a very high quality.

CNC Fittings 
All of our fittings are custom made on our CNC to look and function with an OEM standard. They are pressure tested before being sent out, so they will not leak when installed correctly.


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