Elite Engineering Aluminum Jacking Pads (Set of 4) -2014+ C7 Corvette Stingray & Z06 - JPC7

Elite Engineering Aluminum Jacking Pads (Set of 4) -2014+ C7 Corvette Stingray & Z06 - JPC7

Elite jpc7

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C7 and C7 Z06 Corvette Stingray Extra Tall  - Anti-Slip Lifting/Jacking Pads

*  Don't lift your Corvette without the aid of Lifting Pads

A must for every 2014+ C7 Owner

Anti-Slip Grooves on the bottom, an Elite Engineering exclusive design

*  (4) Pads per set

*  Available in Silver Beadblast Finish

After we machine our Jacking Pads from 6061-T6 aluminum round bar, we then bead-blast each piece for better wear resistance.  Our Jacking Pads include Anti-Slip Grooves on the bottom to help prevent slippage when properly used in direct contact with a metal floor jack or lift.  In addition, they are built taller to compensate for larger hydraulic floor jacks.  The quality of these are head and shoulders above the competition.


Shipped in a cardboard box that you could use as a storage containe
The quality of these are head-and-shoulders above the competition.

You'll like them so much it will be hard to place them under your car!


Anti-Slip Grooves, a design exclusive only to Elite Engineering

Note: Buyer beware that it is his/her responsability use these jacking pads in a safe manner.  Our Jacking Pads are designed to be in direct contact with the metal cup of a floor jack or Post Lift with adequate lifting capacity.  Do NOT use any shims or spacers under the jacking pads. These Jacking Pads should only be used while Jacking or Lifting your vehicle. They are not designed to remain in the vehicle and should be removed after each use. For questions about correct lifting points on your vehicle, please consult your owners manual.



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