Driveshaft Shop 300m Anti-Wheelhop Axle Kit with 300m 108mm Bolt-on Inner Stubs  - 2004 - 2006 Pontiac GTO  1000HP - GM44

Driveshaft Shop 300m Anti-Wheelhop Axle Kit with 300m 108mm Bolt-on Inner Stubs - 2004 - 2006 Pontiac GTO 1000HP - GM44

Driveshaft Shop gm44

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Almost 3 years ago now one of our dealers Thomas Hendrix from Hendrix Engineering had asked us to make a set of axle with different diameters. the reason for his was to help with Wheel hop on certain cars. now this technology is not something new and it was actually created by both GM and Chrysler on SRT8's and Corvettes. Like those cars it works quite well. The way the system works is this, when the torque is applied to the rear wheels thru the drive train. the axles torsionally twist at a certain rate, what happens on cars with certain types of suspension is as they both wrap up at the same time they also release at the same time and cause the wheels to "HOP" with different diameter bars this "wrap up and release" happens at different times helping the wheels to spin. now on a street/strip cars this is a great thing but keep in mind like the factory ones it will have it limitations. What were actually doing here is making one axle stronger and one weaker (one big and one little says it all) so if your building a car that has up to 900Hp and want to eliminated the dreaded "HOP" we have designed this set of axles for you.

What we have done different is this, our skinny bar is smaller in diameter than a standard 28 spline a stock 108mm CV would use and its made from 300m, We have rolled the spline onto a ground piece of the material that during the rolling process raises the spline above the center diameter of the bar (this is done with all rolled splines DSS uses), what this also does is allow us to make the axle with out any internal snap ring (no internal groove for a square edged stress riser during torsional shock loading) We then make the Big bar using our 300 material out of Sweden but its made with a 1-1/2 diameter to balance out the strength. this like the other bar has the rolled splines so at the edge where the race will meet the spline (area of most failures) its much stronger due to the re-forming of the same material instead of taking away grain structure/material like a cut spine. so if your running a car up to or around the 1000hp range (keep in mind auto and 6 speed cars will have different effects on Hp ratings) and want to reduce some of the wheel hop this just might be the axle set for you.

please keep in mind a high performance race car will need the axles to be the same diameter for obvious reasons stated above. choose your parts wisely.....

Reasons to use DSS axles:

1. Full certified 300m center bars (not just 28 spline like the others). There is a reason the Viper T56 uses a 30 spline and its the reason we do too.

2. Certified 4340AQ cages with re-designed radius on the CV cage windows.
Others will try to impress you with saying chromoly is a weaker part for the center bar (we have always used 300m and 4340) but uses it on their cages, we're not sure how most dont see thru this, but our cages are full 4340AQ. You decide.

3.Stubs are a 300M spline mounted into a 4340 flange. no bolts not excuses only the best.

4. Rolled splines on our axle bars. Most know that a forging is always stronger than billet. Here at The Driveshaft Shop we roll our splines, this is by far the strongest way to form a spline and is far superior to cut splines (old technology).

5. powder coated bars

These are just some of the technical reasons why our axles are the best on the market today. In addition to being used by some of the fastest cars in the world and our goal to bring you the best customer service in the industry, only from The Driveshaft Shop. 

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