Detroit Speed 041617-DDS - Speed Suspension Kit 3

Detroit Speed 041617-DDS - Speed Suspension Kit 3

Detroit Speed 041617-DDS

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Detroit Speed - 041617-DDS

Speed Suspension Kit 3; Rear; Double Adjustable Shocks; Stock Axle;

Our Speed kits are designed to make your A-Body maintain optimum geometry and tire contact through the full range of rear suspension travel. Through the use of our patented Swivel-Links™, the rear end housing becomes fully articulated, without the use of noisy spherical heim joints.¬†With the Swivel-Links™ pinion angle and/or wheelbase can be adjusted without unbolting the link from the car. The Detroit Speed tubular rear sway bar attaches to the chassis for a substantial improvement in cornering ability. Our rear Speed Kit springs, shock absorbers and sway bars are designed to complement the front Detroit Speed Kits, giving your classic contemporary handling and ride quality on par with the latest modern muscle cars.Double Adjustable Shock This is the most race winning shock JRi has in its stable. With its two independent adjustments and the enormous range of adjustment it can be set to the exacting demands of the driver and performance levels required while providing excellent ride quality on the street.

  • Double Adjustable Shock This Is The Most Race Winning Shock JRI Has In Its Stable
  • Providing Excellent Ride Quality On The Street
  • Designed To Make Your A-body Maintain Optimum Geometry And Tire Contact Through The Full Range Of Rear Suspension Travel
  • Through The Use Of Our Patented Swivel-Links The Rear End Housing Becomes Fully Articulated
  • With The Swivel-Links Pinion Angle And/or Wheelbase Can Be Adjusted Without Unbolting The Link From The Car

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