CSP Big Boy LT4 Camshaft Ground By Texas Speed 6.2L (LT4) - 25-TSPLT1VVT-CSPBB

CSP Big Boy LT4 Camshaft Ground By Texas Speed 6.2L (LT4) - 25-TSPLT1VVT-CSPBB

Texas-Speed 25-tsplt1vvt-cspbb

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This is the same camshaft used in Andrew's ZL1 on the factory blower, producing over 800 rear wheel horsepower through the automatic on just 93 octane pump gas (no meth injection, no e85).  It includes a 32% fuel lobe to help bring that factory fuel system up to the task of producing such power.

The gen 5 LT1 engine utilizes Variable Valve Timing (VVT) controlled via a cam phaser. A cam phaser is a computer-controlled cam gear that automatically optimizes camshaft timing based on the current engine RPM. While this technology provides tremendous efficiency benefits, it presents a challenge when designing performance cams due to the wide range of valve timing movement and constantly changing piston-to-valve clearance. With the help of Texas Speed's Superflow 902 engine dyno, we are able to custom-design camshafts and phaser tuning tables to allow our gen 5 LT1 customers the ability to purchase the ultimate in LT1/LT4 performance camshafts!

This camshaft can be used on the factory LT4 torque converter.  It does remove the factory AFM/DOD system that deactivates cylinders, but it retains the variable valve timing (VVT) system that allows the engine to advance and retard the cam while the engine is running, however with the specs of the camshaft a 0 degree cam phaser is recommended for use.  We do recommend using our TSP .660" dual spring kit with PAC springs & titanium retainers and TSP hardened chromoly pushrods with this camshaft.

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