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Complete Street Performance 2" Long Tube Headers & Off Road Mid Pipes - 2016+ Camaro SS & ZL1 (6.2L V8) - CSP-CAMARO

Complete Street Performance 2" Long Tube Headers & Off Road Mid Pipes - 2016+ Camaro SS & ZL1 (6.2L V8) - CSP-CAMARO

Complete Street Performance csp-camaro

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Given that CSP is known for building some of the fastest 6th Gen Camaro's in the country, the decision to make our own header was an easy one. 

CSP's New 6th Gen Camaro Headers Feature-

  • All 304 Stainless Tig Welded Construction 
  • American Made in Streetboro, Ohio by Stainlessworks!
  • 2" Custom Primaries with 3" Ball & Socket Collector with Merge Spike
  • 3" to OEM Connection Off Road Mid Pipes
  • All Hardware and needed O2 Extensions (We do recommend reusing OEM Gaskets or buying new ones over using the included tube of gasket maker)


What is going to make them so great compared to the rest of the top tier brands? No Trade Offs.


Every top tier manufacturer has some trade off, and I am proud to say, ours do not. Kooks for instance has a great value package, however their header (value package or not) does not fit with the factory spark plug wires. ARH is a great header, however they do not have a value package. And finally Stainless Works, ironically is a problem child which doesn't have a value package, only uses slip fit connections which can make installing tough and then also requires a motor mount removed for install and jacking up of the engine making it even tougher for the average installer.


Our CUSTOM CSP 2" Headers are made to fit without issue, attached is a video of how easy they go in. (Click This Link) No removal of motor mounts, no jacking up the engine. They use a ball flare connection instead of slip fit for the header to connection pipe allowing install easier. And the connection pipe connects quickly to the factory exhaust to keep costs down on such a high quality product. Also they fit the factory spark plug wires so no extra hidden parts needed - you wouldn't believe how many header cars came into my shop with a burnt plug wire.

You are getting the best of all worlds with these headers and I'm proud to call them mine. Made for the enthusiast, by the enthusiast.


What is the DELAYED SHIPMENT Option?

Because of COVID, a lot of products have been dramatically delayed outside of anyone's control.  This includes production of our own headers.  I understand waiting long periods of time for products is not the norm and wanted to do what I could to ease the pain.  We currently have very limited stock, and our lead time, once we run out, is approximately 9 weeks.  If you are looking to save some money, and not in a rush for the product, the delayed shipment is ideal for you.  This discount, if selected, would not ship from stock, but rather the next available order, which can take up to 9 weeks.  Coating will delay things further (as seen below).


What is Header Coating?

We offer a number of coating options at a great price. Header coating makes your car run cooler and perform more consistently. It is not 100% necessary on a stainless header like this, but is great for someone who wants an extra edge at the track and lower cabin heat. Coating will add 2-4 weeks to normal order times. If this a concern, please contact us prior to ordering.

Do you offer a Catted Option?

This is COMING SOON!  While our current CSP headers are for off-road use only, we will be releasing a catted variant.  But with being all about performance, we want this one to be incredibly special - so we will be releasing them with our "Ultimate Cats" which can handle 500 horsepower per bank, or 1000 horsepower for the set!  These are a step up from the common 'Green Cats' which support 400 horsepower per bank.  The manufacturer of the cats is the same between the two, except these are 4.5" housings instead of 4".  And thus, we will have the most power capable catted headers coming to market shortly.  We are in final testing in our shop - and expect these to be released near the beginning of summer 2021 for online sale!

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