Cam Motion Stage 3 LS3 Camshaft  - CM0006

Cam Motion Stage 3 LS3 Camshaft - CM0006

Cam Motion cm0006

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Grind # XA220/325-XA230/325-17+4 

Duration at .050 - 220/230

Lift with 1.7 - .553/.553
Lobe separation 117
Intake center line 113

The LS3 Stage 3 camshaft was designed for enthusiast who want to increase power while maintaining excellent drivability and manners. This cams can be used with stock torque converters, stock rear gears, stock intake manifold, stock exhaust manifolds etc. However, additional performance gains can be realized when used with other performance modifications. The Stage 3 LS3 camshaft is the largest camshaft that we recommend with the stock torque converter. This Cam Motion hydraulic roller cam delivers mild performance idle, excellent low end torque, and extended RPM capabilities over the stock camshaft. This cam will work well as a performance replacement for Camaro, Firebird, Corvette, and other passenger cars needing more power without poor gas mileage associated with the larger cams. Cam Motion designed this as a "drop in" type cam with minimal vehicle modifications. These cams are designed to be compatible with the Chevrolet Performance beehive valve springs or performance aftermarket .600" lift beehive springs. This camshaft can be used with stock, existing lifters, but used lifters should be inspected for wear, damage or irregularities that could damage your new camshaft.

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