Borla S-Type Axleback Exhaust w/Polished Tips - 2008-2011 BMW M3 E90 Sedan (4.0L V8) - 11770

Borla S-Type Axleback Exhaust w/Polished Tips - 2008-2011 BMW M3 E90 Sedan (4.0L V8) - 11770

Borla 11770

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This awesome Axleback exhaust from Borla will give your 2008-2011 BMW M3 E90 the growl it needs! This system features 3.5 Dual Round Rolled Angle-Cut Long tips and is built from all 304 stainless steel. This system from Borla features there S-Type mufflers for a more aggressive tone over the touring but not as aggressive as the Atak.

The BMW M3 Coupe and Sedan really get enthusiasts’ blood fired up by amplifying all the elements the performance-minded driver loves about BMW’s entry-level platform. Of all the cars BMW offers, this is the one they run in competition, and for good rason. But, while the car is a winner, many M3 owners have contacted BORLA® with considerations about the weight, sound and performance of the stock exhaust setup. BORLA® has successfully answered the needs of these enthusiasts with a variety of aftermarket offerings. BORLA’s custom sound tuning technology delivers the growl level of your choice. For the M3 Coupe, (PN11771) is a “Touring” Rear Section Exhaust with a mellow rumble, while (PN11764) delivers a more aggressive sound with BORLA’s “S-Type” Rear Section. The M3 Sedan is enhanced by BORLA® (PN11772), a “Touring” Rear Section Exhaust with a bumped up rev and (PN11770), a more aggressive sounding “S-Type” Rear Section Exhaust. All four systems feature BORLA’s famous straight-thru muffler design for added performance; all are constructed of high-quality lightweight austenitic stainless steel for durability, and all boast aggressive looking Dual Split Rear Exhaust Tips. Add BORLA’s race X-Pipe (PN60506) to any of these rear sections to give you that competitive advantage (for off-road use only). From the design characteristics of the inner cores to the amount of sound-absorbing composite filament, all specifications of BORLA® exhaust systems are tuned on a vehicle-by-vehicle basis for an optimum blend of performance and sound. Combined with an unrivalled Million Mile Warranty, distinctive motorsport styling, easy bolt-on installation and enhanced fuel economy, the world’s most winning exhaust continues to lead the industry it founded over 30 years ago

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