AIRAID MXP Cold Air Intake w/ Carbon Fiber Tube - 2010-2015 Chevrolet Camaro, V8 6.2L - 250-243C

AIRAID MXP Cold Air Intake w/ Carbon Fiber Tube - 2010-2015 Chevrolet Camaro, V8 6.2L - 250-243C

Airaid 250-243c

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The 6.2L Chevy Camaro is all about power and performance, but hardcore enthusiasts know stock is never good enough and that there are always more ponies available under the hood. AIRAID’s new Carbon Fiber MXP-Series Intake System delivers an easy way to unlock more horsepower and do it with style.

The AIRAID system starts with a real carbon fiber 4.5” diameter intake tube. That’s right, this is not some dipped piece of plastic that looks like carbon fiber, this is REAL carbon fiber that adds a show-quality look to the engine compartment. It allows for unrestricted airflow and incorporates a special billet plate that accepts the factory MAF sensor. The Intake Tube connects the engine to Airaid’s one-piece roto-molded Cold Air Box The box is designed to keep hot engine compartment air away from the filter while increasing the amount of cold air available, and even utilizes the factory cold air scoop. Blade-style weatherstripping seals the air box to the hood, further eliminating hot air.

The heart of AIRAID’s MXP Carbon Fiber Intake System for the Camaro is the massive 1400-cfm air filter, which provides the engine with a steady supply of clean, cold air. The filter is available in either the company’s SynthaFlow® composite material or SynthaMax® non-oiled filtration technology. Both filters are constructed with a special blend of urethane that will not crack or warp, and both are washable and re-usable.

The AIRAID MXP Intake System for the current generation Camaro offers a dyno-proven 16 additional horsepower and 13 lb-ft of torque! It uses factory mounting points for an easy bolt-on installation and includes instructions written with the do-it-yourselfer in mind. Like the rest of AIRAID’s extensive product line, this new MXP-Series Carbon Fiber Intake System is made in the USA and backed by the company’s “No Hassle” warranty.

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