A&A Supercharger System - 2005-2013 Chevy Corvette C6 & Z06 - AAC-C6

A&A Supercharger System - 2005-2013 Chevy Corvette C6 & Z06 - AAC-C6

A&A Superchargers aac-c6

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Standard Features

  • Polished Finish
  • V3 Si Head Unit
  • Wet Sump Oiling System
  • 38MM Turbosmart Blowout Valve with Filter
  • 60# Siemens Deka Injectors
  • 6 Rib

The A&A Supercharger system for 2005 – 2013 C6 Corvette has evolved into the finest kit available.

With exclusive features such as our Ram Air Intercooler design, fully adjustable billet belt tensioner, our attention to airflow through both the intercooler and radiator, and our desire to build the best supercharger system on the planet, we have done just that.

We also know Corvette owners are discerning when it comes to under hood appearance. While engineering the performance side of this kit, we kept that in mind. Our system is as beautiful as it is powerful. Available in fully polished or satin black finishes.

Comes complete with Kenne Bell Boost A Pump and new fuel injectors.

We also offer the ONLY CARB compliant centrifugal system for the C6 Corvette. Please call or email for emission compliance specifics.

Note: Dry sump requires High Capacity radiator with internal oil cooler.

A&A Supercharger Systems are unsurpassed in versatility and quality. From a 550 HORSEPOWER Emissions Compliant daily driver to a 1200 HORSEPOWER race car, we have the system for your C6 Corvette.

Look at all the features that only A&A Superchargers have to offer. It’s an impressive list. For the past 15 years, we have strived to build the absolute best supercharger system available for your late model Corvette. Innovation after innovation have been designed, tested and implemented into our systems

Our C6 supercharger systems have benefitted from all the innovations implemented in our C5 and C7 research and development. Each time we found a way to improve the C5 or C7 systems, we went to C6 and did the same. The other guys just sat back and said “Our C6 systems are good enough” and have not updated their C6 systems in years.

As with C5 and C7 we offer 50 State Legal (CARB EO# D-707) systems all the way up to 1000 RWHP race only kits. We also carry a full line of injectors, fuel systems, pulleys, belts, radiators and individual components you need to accomplish your goals.



  • Proprietary Vortech head unit in Si or Ti Trims (other sizes available)
  • Full width Ram Air Intercooler with integral scoop and mounting brackets
  • Large 4 ½” inlet duct with re-usable high flow filter
  • New 60# or 80# Bosch injectors (larger sizes available)
  • Kenne Bell Boost a Pump
  • 38MM or 50 MM Raceport blowoff valve. (52 MM “Big Bubba available)
  • NGK TR6 spark plugs pre-gapped to .035”
  • Crank pinning kit with new OE bolt
  • Our superior bracket system with fully adjustable billet tensioner
  • Aluminum surround panels to enclose the radiator cavity
  • 4 ply silicone hoses formed specifically to navigate the C6 engine compartment
  • Stainless steel “constant tension clamps” for secure connections
  • 4" mandrel bent polished aluminum MAF tube with bead rolled ends (black powder coat available)
  • Upper radiator brackets to support radiator, fan and condenser assembly.
  • Powder-coated top shroud with integral radiator support bushings
  • Hardware kit with vacuum hoses, fittings, screws etc.
  • Also included is a build sheet showing each part as it was boxed for shipping and initialed by our shipping manager.


ADJUSTABLE BILLET TENSIONER: Our supercharger systems feature a solid billet belt tensioner like nothing else on the market. Designed and built in house, it is a formidable piece. It features precision bearings, a chromoly internal shaft, 3 internal spring settings and an optional spring for ultra-high horsepower applications. The entire assembly can be “clocked” to clear oversize balancers. A lockout mechanism allows the tensioner to be locked in the open position for easier belt changes.

Each tensioner is hand assembled and checked for bearing clearance and spring tension. You won’t see anything even close on other systems.


MOUNTING BRACKETS: Our mounting brackets have been described by more than one customer as “jewelry”. Every bracket is CNC machined on both sides to assure absolute flatness and to keep tolerances as tight as possible. We use steel pulleys with dual bearings and stainless or aluminum stantions for proper bearing support. We continually pull random brackets and laser test them on our mock up motor to assure accuracy. Both are time-consuming steps that the others just don’t bother with.

The bracket and tensioner offer maximum belt wrap on both the supercharger and crankshaft, eliminating belt slip. Nothing will take the fun out of any supercharged car faster that being plagued with belt issues. We build the strongest and most adjustable belt drive system available. The same bracket and tensioner can be used on a 500 RWHP daily driver or a 1000 RWHP by simply adjusting the spring pressure and will accept 6 or 8 rib drive belts without modification.

Clearly the components and engineering we put into our systems is far ahead of the competition, but you need a powerful, efficient head unit to put it all together.

We use Vortech quality head units in all our systems. Vortech builds our head units to our specifications under a private label agreement. We offer head units of varying sizes to accommodate different horsepower levels.

Our Si Trim head unit is best suited for stock engines and is the only one available in our C.A.R.B. Certified kits. (available in engine oil fed or self-contained)

The Ti Trim is better suited for those with headers, moderate camshafts, Methanol injection etc. and is a NO COST OPTION. (available in engine oil fed or self-contained)

The YSi is the KING of this family of blowers. When combined with a properly built engine, 8 or 10 rib belt drive and one of our dual pump fuel systems, the YSi is capable of over 1000 REAR WHEEL HORSEPOWER in a late model Corvette. 

RAM AIR INTERCOOLER DESIGN: The second most important component of a successful supercharger design is airflow management. Air will always take the course of least resistance and must be “forced” to go where needed. Smoke generator testing showed a significant amount of the air literally bounced off the front of the intercooler and just rolled over the edge. It was this revelation that caused us to find a way to capture as much of the frontal airflow as possible and force it through the intercooler.

Our Ram Air Intercooler with CNC laser cut aluminum panels to direct airflow through both the intercooler and radiator are features that only A&A incorporates into every system. We offer the only intercooler where 100% of the core is exposed to frontal airflow. We also have the largest gap between the radiator and intercooler which is essential to proper engine cooling.

The top of the core is flush with the front frame cross member which stops any air escaping over the top of the intercooler. The “duckbill” located at the bottom of the core interfaces with the front fascia, stopping any airflow from going underneath the intercooler core. The duckbill is bent at a different angle to fit the standard C6 and Z06 style fascia. We go one step further and weld side panels on the intercooler to stop air from rolling over the sides of the core.

Just sticking an intercooler up front without regard to proper airflow management just doesn’t work.


ENGINE COOLING: Engine cooling is also a major consideration overlooked by other manufacturers. We utilize laser cut, CNC bent aluminum panels to capture air that would otherwise be lost into the fenderwells and around the sides of the radiator and force it back into the radiator and AC condenser. These panels are exclusive to A&A Corvette! We also offer our proprietary 3” thick radiators for additional cooling capacity.




While we do have online ordering, we would ask that you please contact us directly for supercharger orders. Our standard configuration is 100% complete and optimized for basically stock vehicles. We’ve done a lot of testing and know what will make great power and remain reliable for your Corvette. No upgrades are required although there are options available for those looking to push the envelope. We believe it is important to speak directly to the customer and make sure they are ordering the right combination for their vehicle and goals. We really are here to help you get the most out of your car. Remember, generally speaking, too big is worse than too small when it comes horsepower. For generations, guys including myself, have been misled into installing cams, intake manifolds, carburetors, headers, and now superchargers that were entirely too big for the application. Let us help you with a plan that works for your daily driver or 1000 horsepower drag racer!

Have questions? Call us! We’re here to help.

Have a big build going on? Call us, we’d love to hear about it!

Just want to talk cars? Call us. We’re car guys through and through.

Have questions after hours? Call us. We try to be available in the evenings and weekends for tech support as well as general questions.

The standard configuration is a V2 or V3 Si head unit, polished finish, 60# injectors and the 38MM blow off valve. 
  • POLISHED (standard)- Includes polished head unit, bracket assembly and charge tube
  • BLACKOUT (Includes black POWDER-COATED head unit, black powder-coated tubing and black anodized bracket $150 , 

HEAD UNITS: (Take the time to read our tutorial on head unit choice HERE )

  • Si HEAD UNIT -Standard, (Best for stock engine and exhaust)
  • Ti HEAD UNIT- N/C Best for slightly modified engines - mild camshafts, headers, Methanol injection etc.
  • V7 YSi HEAD UNIT $1000 - Strictly for properly built engines with forged pistons, larger camshafts headers etc.)
  • A&A 38mm BLOWOFF VALVE (quieter) 
  • 50 MM RACEPORT VALVE (louder) N/C
  • 52 MM “BIG BUBBA” with trumpet (loudest)
  • 3” HIGH CAPACITY RADIATOR with oil and transmission coolers $650
  • OPTIONAL BELT DRIVE SYSTEMS: These upgrades are NOT needed for street applications. The provided belt drive system is more than sufficient for all but the most radical racing setups.
  • 8 RIB SYSTEM- This system changes all the pulleys from 6 rib to 8 rib. As with the standard drive system, all the supercharger and accessories will run on the same belt. Includes 8 rib belt, SFI spec balancer (10% overdrive), alternator, power steering, idler and supercharger pulleys $900 (discounted price only applies when purchased with supercharger system).
  • 8 RIB WITH SECONDARY DRIVE- This is the ultimate belt drive system. The supercharger runs on its own dedicated 8 rib belt while the alternator and power steering run on a separate 6 rib belt. This allows for a much shorter belt running the supercharger which translates into less belt stretch and better grip. This upgrade includes our proprietary SFI approved 8 rib, 10% overdrive balancer (has an extra set of ribs to run the secondary shaft) all belts, spacers and pulleys needed as well as a spring tensioner and custom power steering hose. Our jackshaft pulley (splits the supercharger and accessory belts) is the only one that is driven by its own dedicated belt. It is NOT driven by the air conditioning belt like other systems on the market. Testing has shown the torque needed to cause the secondary shaft belt to slip is more than 2 ½ times that of the traditional “Direct Drive” or “Flip Drive”. $1100 (Discounted price applies only when purchased with supercharger system)
  • 6 RIB 4.0”, 3.8”, 3.6” 3.4” 
  • 8 RIB 4.00”, 3.8”, 3.6”, 3.33”, 3.25”, 3.125”, 3.0”, 2.85”, 2.70”

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